Pamela Gwaltney, 'Portal No. 4 Light Stack'. Contemporary Art, Paint Works, Sculpture - California, Maryland, DC, Bay Area.
Pamela Gwaltney is an artist whose work combines aesthetic elements from minimalism, geometric abstraction, 3D shapes and LED lighting. Her unique interpretation of these elements provides an immersive and sculptural experience, where the viewer is invited to explore light, space, movement and meaning. Her 'Portals' and similar works create an air of mystery and contemplation. Ms. Gwaltney has studios in Potomac, MD and Calistoga, CA where she creates her commissioned artwork.
Pamela Gwaltney, Pam, Modern, Art, Contemporary, Abstract, 3D, 3 Dimensional, Artwork, LED Light, Sculpture, Painting, Painted Works, minimalism, Portals, Geometric Shapes, Acrylic, Wood, Canvas, California, Maryland, DC, Bay Area. Art Studio, Mixed Media, Hand Made, Light and Space Movement
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Portal No. 3 Square Upon Square

Portal No. 3, Square Upon Square

Acrylic on Wood, with LED Lights
48″ x 48″ x 2.75″

In this portal, a more substantial square sits atop a larger, more open square. The negative spaces (triangles) play just as important a part as the squares themselves, and draw the viewer in. This piece hangs in a dining room, and the color is a muted yellow. On an adjacent wall is a collection of eight Josef Albers ‘Homage to the Square’ prints, and Portal 3 serves as an homage to the master.